Wood Crusher

Wood Crusher

The Wood Crusher is used to smash wood and other agricultural stalks in wood pellet facilities. It is an excellent piece of machinery for making various wood products. Crushing equipment is required for the production of wood pellets or biomass briquettes. Keyul Enterprise is a reputable Wood Crusher Machine Manufacturers In Mumbai. We create wood crusher machines with compact architectures powered by a single motor. It is developed to crush branches, tree roots, slab scraps, and other materials for further processing. It takes up little space for storage purpose, which makes it ideal for small-scale facilities.

How Does A Wood Crusher Operate?

Wood crusher combines crushing and cutting. It is a suitable crushing machine because of blade cutting and high-speed air impact. The rotator spins in the same direction as the blade cutting while producing high-speed air. During repeated results, raw materials are thoroughly pulverized. The primary components of a wood crusher are a cutting tool, crushing machinery, and a draught fan.

Which Substances Can Be Crushed?

There are many different raw materials that a wood crusher can treat, but there is also a requirement regarding the size. It may break tree branches and stems between 70mm and 250mm in diameter. Numerous fiber stalks can be used to make wood pellets, including bamboo, couch grass, corn, and sorghum stalks. The oppressed materials can be used directly for pelletizing because they are particles with a diameter of about 3-5 mm.

Feature of Our Wood Crusher

  • Practical design increases crushing effectiveness.
  • Attractive looks and great productivity
  • Crushing is powered by a single motor, which saves energy and money.
  • Crushed materials can be used to make briquettes or pellets.
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