Wood Waste Crusher

Wood Waste Crusher

Depending on its quality, waste wood is a valuable resource that accumulates in vast numbers. It can be recycled to recover materials or make electricity. Keyul Enterprise is among the trustworthy Wood Waste Crusher Manufacturers In Mumbai. We provide a strong Waste Wood Crusher Machine for waste management and wood recycling firms trying to get the most out of their waste resources. Our waste wood crusher offers excellent volume reduction, products for additional processing, finished goods for alternative uses, and secure destruction of out-of-date/rejected waste wood.

What Kinds Of Waste Wood Can Be Crushed?

Demolish Wood

Constructional wood, waste wood from interior and external fixtures, and various mixed ranges are all considered demolition wood. Our cutting-edge wood waste crusher is ideally suited for crushing waste and demolition timber.

Discarded Wood From Construction

Our crushing technologies have no issues at all with construction wood waste. The rotor is suited for processing beams, boards, formwork, treated solid wood, or mixed ranges due to its hard-facing, which makes it particularly resistant to abrasive materials.

Green Trash And Rootstock

Our waste wood crushers are also appropriate for complex tasks like shredding rootstock, driftwood, green trash, and scrap wood used in gardening and landscaping. The minimal amount of downtime is achieved through effective foreign matter removal.

Wood Made From Massive Waste

Sorted wood from bulky waste will undoubtedly "create a supper" for it. Even awkward pieces can be placed into the giant hopper smoothly, and the rotor teeth will reliably grab and shred them.

Packaging Wood

Depending on your volumes and desired throughput capacity, we offer the ideal high-capacity crusher for you, whether we're talking about pallets, shipping crates, fruit crates, or even cable reels.

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